A CLEAN-SAFE OAKLAND, Great Schools, Affordable Housing, Business Development, and Job Creation will continue to be our priorities.


  • Public Safety:

    Increase police officers and firefighters; establish an Independent Citizens’ Police Commission; improve Pedestrian/Transportation safety by repaving our roads, installing new stops lights, crosswalks, bike lanes, and enforcing traffic laws.

  • Better Schools:

    Rebuild Fremont High, Glenview Elementary, and Edna Brewer Athletic Field; continued investment in curricula, teachers and infrastructure.

  • Housing: 

    Increase affordable, workforce, live-work units; support programs for the Homeless.

  • Economic Development:

    Attract investment for job creation and new businesses; re-invest in our neighborhoods and community shopping corridors.

Thanks to our Neighbors and Volunteers. For four years, we have worked tirelessly to eradicate illegal dumping, graffiti, potholes, nuisance properties, homelessness, prostitution, and human trafficking. It is not about what we say, but what we do. Our track record proves that together, we can make Oakland better for every resident.



A community that offers choice and opportunity — for everyone.

A dynamic and diverse place to live, work and raise a family.

A city that fosters entrepreneurship to create jobs.

A community of vibrant, closely-knit neighborhoods with a high quality of life. 

A partnership between citizens and the City that promotes personal responsibility and demands government accountability.

An environment that embraces diversity and fosters respect.

A community that values educational excellence and rewards achievement.

A city that recognizes, encourages and empowers volunteers.

Unfortunately, Oakland has made only limited progress in achieving our shared vision. Neighbors, businesses, service providers, and non-profit organizations have left our city in record numbers due to reduced public services, job scarcity, underperforming schools, and rising crime rates. The national housing crisis and economic downturn have further exacerbated our local problems.

Bold, effective leadership on behalf of Oakland’s elected leaders has never been more crucial to our City’s future. We MUST engage with our citizens to create short- and long-term strategies with ALL levels of city, county, and regional government.  Infrastructure maintenance, crime prevention, sustainable economic development, high achieving schools, expanded vocational training programs, and vibrant commercial corridors are all needed to restore our status as a healthy, functional city.

Realizing this vision starts with responsible leadership dedicated to service, integrity and creativity.


I believe that:

Neighborhoods determine the health of a city, and its quality of life.

Safe streets are essential to retain residents and businesses.

Safe streets spur economic development.

High-performing public schools provide the foundation for a strong future.

Attracting new business and investment translates into new jobs and revenues.

Efficient city government is essential to a well-managed, functional city.

Service on the Oakland City Council requires skill, experience, and, above all, an unwavering commitment to the public good.

Healthy Neighborhoods Make Healthy Cities.

Oakland has a rich history of eclectic and diverse neighborhoods. District 5 includes: Fruitvale, portions of the Dimond District, Glenview/Park Avenue, Melrose, and key industrial and waterfront areas of Oakland. Affordable housing, responsive community services, vibrant shopping areas, appropriate industrial land use, vigilant protection of our natural assets and infrastructure, a lively arts scene, safe streets, and an engaged, well-informed citizenry sustain healthy, dynamic neighborhood communities. By fostering stronger neighborhoods we create a healthier city.

Safe Streets are Essential.

Citizens deserve to live in a safe city. Improving public safety is my highest priority.  Crime has governed our City for far too long. We have laws, ordinances, and policies that must be respected and obeyed by everyone living, recreating, and doing business in Oakland. Unfortunately, we often lack the means and the public will to enforce these laws.

I endorse the expansion of community policing and adequate staffing of Oakland’s police department. Better integration of violence prevention service, rigorous police enforcement, and implementation of up-to-date technologies are critical elements in successfully fighting crime. Neighborhood coalitions, grass roots community organizations and local crime watch groups should be integral components of our overall safety strategy. The City should recognize their importance by partnering with them and fostering their growth and success.

City Council Service Requires a Commitment.

Maintaining the confidence of our citizens and preserving a high level of satisfaction with City services are essential to the future of our communities. Effective City Council members are an invaluable resource to their District residents by delivering quality public services, helping them resolve local issues, and empowering the efforts of our community leaders and volunteers.

However, each Council member has an obligation to serve ALL of Oakland’s residents, not just his or her individual constituencies. This requires vision, creativity, experience, and lots of hard work.

Efficient City Government is Key.

Oakland must make long-term, sustainable fiscal policy to provide high quality services to its citizens and to spur economic develop­ment. We can achieve this by the implementation of high standards for the delivery of services, objective evaluation of the effectiveness of those services, careful management of existing fiscal resource, and accountability for job performance at ALL levels of City Hall. No Excuses. No Exceptions.

Business and Investment Equal Jobs and Revenues.

The City of Oakland must retain and attract businesses to bolster the City’s tax base by adopting smart and sustainable economic development policies. This entails tax credits, streamlining permit processing, incentives for investing, robust vocational training programs, support for our educational institutions, and a host of additional creative approaches to growing our business community. Our diverse business community, with the City as a partner, must collaborate with government agencies, service organizations, and business associations to develop a comprehensive growth strategy both for our city, and for the region.

Strong, Dynamic Schools Are the Foundation.

High-quality public education focused on achievement and excellence is vital to the future of our City and the success of our youth. We must demand accountability by evaluating performance, rewarding success, and encouraging excellence. I will continue to find new ways to partner with our schools, businesses, and community groups to improve education for our youth.