Alameda County Democratic Party

Alameda Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council

National Union of Healthcare Workers Union (NUHW)

International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU),

         Northern CA District Council

California Nurses Association

Oakland Rising

Oakland Builders Alliance

Sierra Club

John George Democratic Club

Wellstone Democratic Club

Block By Block Organizing Network

Latino Taskforce

Green Party of Alameda County

Transport Oakland

IFPTE Local 21

SEIU Local 1021

East Bay Democratic Club

East Bay Small Business Council

Eastbay Express

Oakland Post

Oakland Magazine

San Francisco Bay Guardian


Oakland Elected Officials

Oakland City Councilmember Dan Kalb

Oakland City Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan

Hon. Nate Miley, Alameda County Supervisor

Hon. Robert Raburn, BART Director

Hon. James Harris, President, Oakland Board of Education

Hon. Shanthi Gonzales, Oakland Board of Education

Hon. Ken Berrick, Past President, Alameda County Board of Education

Hon. Bill Paterson, EBMUD Director, NAACP

Hon. Jumoke Hinton Hodge, Oakland Board of Education

Alan Yee, Port of Oakland Board of Commissioners

Ces Butner, Port of Oakland Board of Commissioners

Andreas Cluver, Port of Oakland Board of Commissioners

Jean Quan, Former Oakland Mayor, Block By Block Organizing Network

Dan Siegel, Former OUSD Board Member

Carol Lee Tolbert, Former OUSD School Board Member

Sylvester Hodges, Former OUSD School Board Member

Joe Coto, Former California State Assembly Member

Sandre Swanson, Former California State Assembly Member

David Kakishiba, Former OUSD Board Member, East Bay Asian Youth Center


Oakland Education Leaders

Chelsea Toller, Principal, Glenview Elementary

Aubrey Lane, Principal, Edna Brewer Middle School

Hae-Sin Kim Thomas, CEO, Education for Change Public Schools

Jorge Lopez, Founder and CEO of Amethod Public Schools

Christy Getz, PTA President, Edna Brewer Middle School

Orsolya Nadasdi, PTA President, Glenview Elementary School

Elizabeth Solis, Principal, Arise High School

Sarah Morrill, Co- Principal, Lazear School

Leo Fuchs, Principal, Learning Without Limits Elementary

Jenna Stauffer, Co-Founder and CEO Lighthouse Charter Schools


Oakland Faith Leaders

Monsignor Antonio Valdivia

Pastor Toby Montgomery, Patten Christian Cathedral

Associate Pastor Dr. Gary Moncher, Patten Christian Cathedral

Rev. Wortham Fears, Patten Christian Cathedral

Rev. Michael Moore, Shiloh Church

Pastor Marco Molina, Oakland Seventh Day Adventist Church

Pastors Alexander and Fiaau Toeaina, Soul’d Out Christian Church

Pastor Larry Vigil, Victory Outreach

Pastor Dan Schmitz, New Hope Covenant Church

Pastor Robert Holt, First New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church



Oakland/District 5 Community Leaders

Chris Iglesias, CEO, The Unity Council

Alan Brill, Chairperson, Glenview Neighborhood Association and Glenview NCPC16Y

Betty Gray, Organizer, Glenview Neighborhood – Park Blvd Median Project

Robert Gray, Former Chairperson, Glenview Neighborhood Association

Preston Turner, Chairperson, Melrose High Hopes NCPC

Cynthia Elliot, Founding member of Jingletown Arts & Business Community

Alicia Contreras, Community Leader

Paul Chávez, Centro Legal de la Raza

Andy Nelsen, Deputy Director, EBAYC

Angelica Lopez, Director, Carmen Flores Recreation Center; Chairperson NCPC 20X/23X/24X

Abraham Ruelas, Ph.D., Patten College; Chairperson, NCPC 21X/Y

Wendy Jung, Owner, Jung Design; Chairperson, NCPC 18X/18Y/19X

Orson Aguilar, President, Greenlining Institute

Rashidah Grinage, Coalition for Police Accountability

Carl Chan, Chinatown Chamber of Commerce

Sally Gallegos, United Indian Nations

Martin Waukazoo, Native American Health Center

Josefina Alvarado Mena, Safe Passages

Floyd Huen, Block By Block Organizing Network

Jane García, La Clinica De La Raza

Kathy Chao Rothberg, Executive Director, Lao Family Community Development

Jae Maldonado, Executive Director, Street Level Health Project

Marcelina Sánchez, Director, Manzanita Recreation Center

Juan Martínez, Adelante Jingletown

Holly Alonso, Peralta Hacienda House

Markus Voneuw, Service for Peace

Juan Martinez, Adelante Jingletown

Hugh Morrison, Edna Brewer Parent and Traffic and Safety Liaison

Valerie Winemiller, Piedmont Avenue Activist

Naomi Schiff, Retired Oakland Business Owner

Teddy K. Miller, Equitable Housing Expert

Russell Shepherd

Michael Gabriel

Gloria Ramos, Fruitvale Community Activist

Dr. Michael LeNoir

Debra Grabelle


Oakland/District 5 Businesses

Walter Craven, Owner, Norton Factory Studios, District 5 Business

Marianne, Ron & Jason Dreisbach, Owners, Dreisbach Enterprises, District 5 Business

Bruce Vuong, Quality Tech Automotive Business

Al Garcia, Owner, Reed Supply, District 5 Business

Lillian Cabrera, Owner, State Farm Insurance, District 5 Business

Dr. Sean Bullard, D.D.S., Owner, Rotunda Dental Group

Bill Phua, Property owner and Investor, District 5

Dr. Estaben Lavato, La Loma Medical Group, District 5 Business

Fernando Valenzuela, Owner, State Farm Insurance, District 5 Business

Eduardo Axle, District 5 Business

Jennifer Pollio, Owner, Bay Island Gymnastics, District 5 Business

Joe Cervantes, Owner, Glenview Shoe Renew, District 5 Business

Hayward Blake, President, Blake & Thorner Investigations, District 5 Business

Sergio Becerra, General Manager, Park Burger Restaurant, District 5 Business

Keba Konte, Owner, Red Bay Coffee Roasters, District 5 Business

Jay Porter, The Half Orange Restaurant, District 5 Business

Wolfram Peter Jung, ewineconnect

Emmanuel Gomez, Owner, Native Soil Business

Jun Anabo & Mark Legaspi, Co Owners, Lucky Three Seven, District 5 Business

Alberto González, Mi Pueblo Stores, District 5 Business

Maria Campos, Owner, Hispanic Services, District 5 Business

Yolanda Burrell and Birgitt Evans, Co-Owners, Pollinate Farm & Gardens

Wendy Jung, Jung Design

Shelley Garza, Emilia Otero, Owners, La Placita Commercial Kitchen, District 5 Business

Juan Chavez & Family, Owners, Huarache Azteca, District 5 Business

Oracio Burgos, Owner, 1909 Fruitvale Soccer Association, District 5

Raul Maya, Owner, Fashion Palace & Block Captain for International & 38th Avenue

Equinox Events, District 5 Business

Rinconcito Chapin, District 5 Business
Taqueria Reynoso, District 5 Business

Pena’s Bakery, District 5 Business

The Leo’s Salon, District 5 Business

Lucky Three Seven Restaurant, District 5 Business

Obelisco Restaurant, District 5 Business

Marzano Restaurant, District 5 Business



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* Titles and affiliations of each individual are provided for identification purposes only

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